Choose a Loan that's just right for you.

Loan Against Gold and Silver

“People needs money for various reason” and some of the needs are so urgent and forces them to borrow from a high cost source.

Hire Purchase Loan

Hire purchase Loan serves to finance the purchase of commercial vehicle (new) suh as Micro Bus, short/long route bus, trucks, tipper etc. and heavy equipments such as loader, excavator etc.

Janata Sahaj Karja

Janata Sahaj Karja is designed to carter financing requirement of the retail clients having very small loan requirement i.e. up to NPR 900K.

Education Loan

Fulfill your dream to complete higher education with help of Janata Education Loan. It be either within the country or abroad.

Personal Loans

Personal Loan products intend to carter the individual’s personal financial needs who has enough security and repayment capacity but does not have liquid fund on hand.

Auto Loan

Auto loan is an exclusive financing option to individual “to own your personal vehicle”. We offer scheme with easy loan processing and minimum turnaround time.

Home Loan

Home Loan is best of its kind product in the contemporary market that offers attractive features yet simple procedures. Coupled with competitive pricing and quick loan processing

Online Banking

Locker Services

Ensure Peace of Mind by Keeping your Valuables Safe

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Mobile Banking

With Janata Bank Mobile Banking discover quick, simple and convenient ways to take command of your bank account on your mobile phone.

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Internet Banking

Internet Banking is a convenient way to do banking from the comfort of your home or office.

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