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Janata Smart

​​Janata Smart (Mobile Banking)
In our continuous efforts to provide innovative products to our customers, Janata Bank Nepal Ltd has  launched Janata Smart, a Mobile Banking application which provides access for our customers to their accounts through mobile phone in a secured manner in both SMS and GPRS base.
It is Anywhere, Anytime, Any network base application, which provides customer account information and real time transaction activities to the users. Customers can also execute financial transaction in accounts within Janata Bank and other Banks and Financial Institutions under the network of Janata Smart. It also provides information on various products and services of the Bank, Branch Location, ATM Location , Exchange Rate and Stock Information etc. 
Services available in Janata Smart :

GPRS Base SMS Base
Online Balance and Information about Account and transactions. Account Information- Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement and other details of the account.
Fund Transfer- Interbank, Bank to Bank, Registered Mobile (with in JBNL) Transfer.
Fund Transfer- Interbank, Bank to Bank, Registered Mobile (with in JBNL) Transfer.
Recharge Card- Broadlink, Dish Home, NTC GSM, NTC CDMA, NCELL, Smart Cell. Recharge Card – NT GSM, NT CDMA, Broadlink, Dish Home, Ridus, Smart Cell.
Mobile Top Up NTC, NCELL and Smart Cell and Load Esewa. Utility Topup – NT Topup, NCELL Topup, SIM TV Topup, Dish Home Topup, Load Esewa.
NT Billpay- NT Postpaid, NT Landline, ADSL.
Credit Card Bill Payments. Credit Card Bill Payments.
NEA Bill Payment.  
Merchant Payment.  
Smart Payment- Favorite Payments will be saved and popup with shaking of the mobile for transaction.  
The scope of Smart Mobile Banking services shall not only be limited to the features mentioned above and is subject to upgrade according to market trends and customer needs.

FAQ- Janata Smart Banking

  1. What is Janata Smart Banking?
Janata Smart Banking is a convenient and safe transaction banking application offered online and offline through mobile phone. You can manage and access your Janata Bank accounts quickly and securely either through SMS or internet connection.
  1. What banking facilities can I do through Janata Smart Banking application?
With Janata Smart Banking application, you can access and manage your Janata accounts to perform the following services.
  • View your account balances and transaction statements.
  • Transfer funds between your applicable Janata accounts.
  • Transfer funds to another bank account associated with fonepay networks.
  • Bill Payments of various utilities- NTC, NCELL, SIM TV, Dish Home, NEA, Boardlink, Ridus and other ISPs.
  • Top Up NTC, NCELL, SIM TV, Dish Home, NEA, Boardlink, Ridus and other ISPs.
  • Locate ATMs and Branches with its route navigation.
  • Get instant notifications from debit or credit on account activities.
  • Get latest foreign exchange rates issued by the bank and stock market value of the bank.
  • Statement request between applicable dates of 30 days.
(Data charges from your mobile service provider may apply. Janata Bank is not responsible for these charges. In case of SMS, your request will cost the applicable charges set by the Telecom itself.)
  1. How can I enroll in Janata Smart Banking?
To enroll in Janata Smart Banking, you need to visit the nearby Janata Bank’s counters and fill the registration form.

Once the bank personnel verifies your mobile number with the account number you provide, you will be sent with the registration confirmation message via SMS with your login password and transaction password.

Note: Please make sure you have enough balance in your account to activate your service required for Janata Smart Banking registration.
  1. What are my Login password and Transaction Password?
Login password is the password used for authentication during the login process if you are using smart phone with activated internet connection.

Transaction password is the secret code used for financial transaction (fund transfer, bill payments or to get the recharge card, etc.)
Note: Please keep your login password and transaction password securely and do not share with anyone for your own security reasons.
  1. How do I get the application installed in my Mobile Phone?
The Janata Smart Banking application is available in Android and iOS supported platform. To get the application, please visit Google Play Store and search for Janata Smart Banking from your mobile devices in case for android. For iOS platform , visit Apple App Store and search for Janata Smart Banking from your mobile devices. Additionally, please find mobile banking App at http://www.janatabank.com.np/
  1. How to use GPRS Password and Txn PIN Number (for both existing and new users) ?
For GPRS Password
  • You need to open Janata Smart (Mobile Banking App.)
  • You need to type your Mobile Number and your GPRS Password (existing PIN for existing customers and GPRS Access Code sent by the Bank for new users) and Login.
  • Change your Password option will appear where you can see the spaces for Old PasswordNew Password and Confirm New Password
  • Your New Password should be 7 digit First 3 digit should be alphabets  and last four Digit should be Numeric
  • A message ‘Password changed successfully’ will be displayed.
For Txn Pin
  • Change Txn pin option will appear where you can see the spaces for Old PasswordNew Password and Confirm New Password where you need to write SMS Txnpin sent by the Bank in the old password field.
  • Then you can type your new password and confirm typing your new password again.
* When to use GPRS pin? – When you are logging onto Janata Smart through Wi-Fi or data.
* When to use txn-pin? – For transactions.
  • In case of existing users, there is no need to change SMS Txnpin as the existing PIN will work.
GPRS password is required while using Janata Smart through internet. Txn PIN is required to carry out various financial transactions both under GPRS and SMS platform.
  1. Will I be able to access all of my accounts using Janata Smart Banking?
Yes, you can acess all of your accounts using Janata Smart Banking. You need to specify your requirement during the registration process in the application form.
  1. What happens if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, it needs to be reset. You need to visit your nearest branch and submit request to reset the password.
  1. I used wrong password to login but after attempting three times with the wrong password, the app. shows my password has been blocked. What should I do?
You need to visit your nearest branch to inform the same and submit an application for unblocking the password.
  1. How much time does it take to unblock my password?
Your password will be unblocked immediately upon submission of your request at the branch.
  1. What are the charges applicable while transferring money/fund?
If you are transferring money within Janata Bank Accounts, there will be no charges. However, if the fund is being transferred to another Bank’s account, the following charges will apply.
Transaction Range (NPR) Transfer Fees(NPR)
 100-1000 10/-
 1001-10000 20/-
 10001-20000 30/-
 20001-25000 40/-
  1. How much money/fund can I transfer per day using Janata Smart?
The per transaction limit is a maximum of NPR 25,000 and per day limit is amaximum NPR 50,000. (The amount will change as per NRB guidelines)
  1. Where should I contact if I face a problem while using Janata Smart?
You can send screenshot message at tb@janatabank.com or contact any branch of Janata Bank.
  1. Charges for registration
The following charges will apply while registering for Janata smart.
Type  Charge(NPR)
Service Charge  200/- per year
PIN Reset Charge
50/- per reset
Mobile Number Change
50/- per request


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Banking Hours

During summer (16th Magh to 15th Kartik)
Sunday to Thursday : 9:45 am to  5:00 pm
Friday : 9:45 am to 2:30 pm
During winter (16th Kartik to 15th Magh)
Sunday to Thursday : 9:45 am to  4:00 pm
Friday : 9:45 am to 2:30 pm

Holiday counter:

    1. New Baneshwor Branch (10:00 AM to 1:00 PM) (Saturdays only)
    2. New Road Branch (10:00 AM to 1:00 PM) (Public holidays except Saturdays)
    3. Butwal Milan Chowk Branch (10:00 AM to 1:00 PM ) (Public holidays and Saturdays)
    4. Sahid Chowk Branch, Narayangarh (10:00 AM to 1:00 PM ) (Saturdays only)